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History of McTeggart in Colorado

The oldest school of Irish dance in Colorado, the McTeggart Dancers have thrilled audiences across the state for over 40 years with rousing performances of traditional Irish dance.

Ranging in age from 4 to 24, the McTeggart Dancers are known for their intricate, colorful costumes as well as their fast feet and rhythmic precision.

The school was founded in 1939 in Cork City, Ireland, by the four McTeggart sisters. Peggy, Nancy, Maureen and Betty received instruction in the art of traditional Irish dance from Cormac O’Keefe, of the the great dancing masters of Ireland.

Maureen McTeggart Hall brought the school to the USA in 1959 when she emigrated to California with her husband and seven children. In 1976, Maureen was asked to travel to Colorado and provide instruction to the children of Denver’s Irish-American community.

Since that time the school has grown to include locations in Denver, Littleton, Boulder and Fort Collins, as well as New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Alaska.

The McTeggart Dancers have won recognition at local, national and international competitions, including the All-Ireland and World Championships.