new dancers

Irish Dance is for Everyone

Ready to Get Started?

We offer classes in a small-group setting for adults, children, and families.

For a free trial class, register below or visit our online store.

Classes for advanced dancers are offered in Boulder, Fort Collins and Englewood. Dancer with experience? Contact us to find a class that fits.

What to Expect

At the first class, we'll introduce your dancer to basic warm-ups and the Reel and Light Jig, the two fundamental dances.

All our classes include a teaching assistant to work with new dancers.

We also provide practice MP3s with words and music.

What to Bring

Dancers should wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle. Soft-soled shoes (ballet or jazz) are good, but socks are also fine.

Dancers are welcome to wear masks in class.

Parents are welcome to observe their dancer's first class.

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